Open Water Diving Course- Get certified to dive!  $695

2023 Spring, and Summer Dive Season: Open Water Class Schedule dates noted below

​February Class is FULL 

March Class 3/6 - 3/16 is FULL

April Class 4/10 - 4/20

(March and April classes are 6 days over 2 weeks, evenings during the week.  The open water dives will be conducted once the water warms up usually in early June, or if traveling to a warm location get a referral.)

May Class (eLearning only) 5/8 - 5/11 (The open water portion of this class will be completed in early June or a referral.)

June Class 6/5 - 6/18 (8 days over 2 weeks, Evenings during the week and mornings on the last weekend)

July Class 7/10 - 7/23 (8 days over 2 weeks, Evenings during the week and mornings on the last weekend)

August Classes 7/31 - 8/13 and (eLearning only 8/14 - 8/20)

September Classes   (eLearning only 9/4 - 9/1) and  9/18 - 10/1  (8 days over 2 weeks, Evenings during the week and mornings on the last weekend)

The eLearning only classes are one week long with Monday having an orientation and gear pick up along with a quiz covering what was learned in the eLearning.  Tue, Wed, and Thu are pool nights with the open  water being conducted on the weekend.

e-Learning that is done during a normal class schedule will still be over two weeks you just dont have to attend the monday class dates.



​Let us know if you would like to join one of our Open Water Courses (Sign up online, call or stop by the shop to register). If needed, you have the option to enroll in a private class. Also, you have the option to get a referral to complete your open water dives at your travel destination.

​The open water course consist of three pillars; three academic sessions, three/four pool sessions, and four open water dives. The academic sessions are completed at the dive shop. When registering you will be given a book, dive log, and recreational dive planner table. Prior to the first class, you will need to complete applicable forms, read chapters 1-3, and complete the corresponding Knowledge Reviews. If you answer "Yes" to any of the medical questions, you will need a doctor's approval prior to the first pool session. During the class sessions, we review the Knowledge Reviews, take applicable quizzes, and sign out dive gear. Prior to the first pool sessions, you will sign out gear, and prior to the open water dives, you will sign out additional gear.

​The pool sessions are held at either the Dover Indoor Pool or the YMCA of the Seacoast in Portsmouth. The first pool session will be conducted in the shallow pool and the balance of the class will be held in the deep pool.  Once you complete your skills in the pool you will be ready to dive with your instructor in open water (lake and ocean) which are typically done over the weekend.

Rental Gear included – Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, Weights, Gloves, Hood

Equipment you need to bring or purchase at the Dive Shop – Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Booties

We also have training packages to assist you with your Diving goals.

OPEN WATER DIVER PACKAGE: Includes Open Water Class, Pool & Certification Dives $695 savings of $57   
ENRICHED AIR DIVER PACKAGE:  Includes Open Water Diver & Enriched Air Diver  $935 savings of $100                                                                                                                               
AWARE OW DIVER PACKAGE: Diving while protecting the environment. Includes Open Water Certification, Project AWARE Diver, Aware Coral Reef Specialty, Peak Performance Buoyancy.  $1,060 savings of $50             
ADVANCED DIVER PACKAGE:  Includes Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver  & Enriched Air Diver   $1,335 savings of $150    
COLD WATER DIVER PKG:  Includes Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Full Face Mask Diver & Drysuit Diver.  $1,435 savings of  $200         
EXTENDED RANGE DIVER PKG:  Includes Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Enriched Air Diver & Deep Diver.  $1,560  savings of   $200   
RESCUE DIVER PACKAGE: Includes Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Oxygen Provider, First Aid, CPR & Rescue Diver.  $1,960 savings of  $200         
MASTER SCUBA DIVER PKG: Enriched Air Diver, Wreck Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drysuit Diver & O2 Provider  $3,085 savings of $450.00 
Packages can be purchase online in the non scheduled courses or in the shop.