Here at Portsmouth Scuba we provide clean, functional and regularly serviced gear for your SCUBA training and recreational diving needs. Before your course or dive, stop in the shop and we’ll get you fitted and provide a full orientation on how to operate our gear.

Portsmouth Scuba firmly believes that rental gear should not be “hand-me-downs” or gear that dates back a decade or more.  We take pride in our gear, and it shows in all our rental equipment. From our hood and booties to our regulators and BCDs, our rental gear provides you with comfort/fit and functionality that is compatible to the dive gear on sale in our store.

For comfort and a wide range of fit we offer a selection of 7mm neoprene wetsuits. These suits are made with Aquaflex neoprene, and have three times the stretch of standard neoprene, which makes the suits easy to get on and off and conform to your body shape.

Terms & Conditions

I promise to return the rented equipment on the return date, clean and in good condition. I understand that I am responsible for all items and agree that I am liable for any damage or lost and charges necessary to repair/replace the equipment rented to me. I acknowledge that the equipment is being rented by and for use of a certified diver. I assume full responsibility for the use of the above equipment and waive all liability on the part of Portsmouth Scuba. I further waive all liability on the part of any employee of associate of Portsmouth Scuba for any injuries and/or accidents incurred while using said equipment. I have inspected the operation of the rental equipment rented to me and found it to be in proper working order.