• Cayman Aggressor IV Feb 2025

Cayman Aggressor IV Feb 2025

Cayman Island liveaboard scuba diving trip, the Cayman Aggressor IV will dive the best of all three islands, which includes the Northwall and Southwall in Grand Cayman, Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman & everyone's favorite, Stingray City. The Oro Verde, Doc Poulson, Russian Destroyer and Kittiwake wrecks are bustling artificial reefs that disguise once magnificent ships and are a must see for every diver.


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  • Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday around noon when the Aggressor returns to port.
  • Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters (multiple day dives and a night dive each evening)
  • Depth Range:  25 – 110 ft (8m – 33m)
  • All dives are from the yacht.
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended
  • Water temperature range from 78 - 82F, 25 - 28C. 

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