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Rescue Diver

This course is strongly recommended for anyone who frequently dives with a buddy and no instructor/divemaster supervision, as well as anyone who just wishes to have a little extra security and know that they are prepared for any emergencies that may come up. This course is serious, but divers often say it is also the most fun dive course they’ve ever taken!

Starting from

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You must have an Advanced Open Water certification and be comfortable diving to take this course, as well as a clean bill of health on your medical questionnaire (obtained from Portsmouth Scuba) or a sign off from your doctor. You must also have a current First Aid and CPR certification, and be an emergency oxygen provider. If you do not have these qualifications, we can certify you at Portsmouth Scuba.

What Will You Learn?

In the PADI Rescue Course conducted by a PADI instructor, you will learn many different search and rescue techniques for a plethora of situations that could come up while diving, ranging from minor issues to full blow emergencies. There are three sections to the Rescue course:

Course work: You may either pick up your book at our retail shop or purchase PADI Rescue course elearning at PADI.com to complete the knowledge portion of your course.

Shallow water skills: Here your instructor will demonstrate and teach you how to perform various skills in shallow water and on the surface. You will then practice these skills until you show proficiency.

Scenarios: After you’ve mastered all skills, you will have a chance to put them into practice by responding to simulated emergencies put together by your instructor. After completion, your instructor will run through your process with you and show you where you could improve if necessary.

How Can You Start Learning Now?

To start your PADI Rescue course, call or stop by Portsmouth Scuba to enroll. Then, either pick up your book in the shop or sign up for PADI elearning to get started!

What Scuba Gear Will You Use?

You will use all standard scuba gear you’ve been using so far (BCD, Regulator, snorkel, mask, booties, fins, etc..) as well as some rescue specific gear such as a pocket mask for surface rescue breathing.


Cost includes:

  1. Course Material Item # 60327 (Pocket Mask, PADI Rescue Dive Manual & Diving Accident Mgt Work Slate)
  2. PADI PIC (PADI Certification Application)
  3. One Classroom session (Rescue Diver Video
  4. Two Open Water Dives
  5. Rental Discount (20%) on Tanks, BCD, Regulator, weights, wetsuit, hood and gloves

Cost does not include:

  1. Mask
  2. Snorkel
  3. Boots
  4. Fins
  5. Log Book



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