• Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

This course is the next step in your continued dive education. If you would like to improve your dive skills, learn more about different dive environments and specialty diving techniques, and become a more self reliant and independent diver, this course is for you.

Starting from

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The only prerequisites are that you hold a basic Open Water Diver certification and that you have a clear medical questionnaire form (latter provided by Portsmouth Scuba). However, it is highly recommended that you have logged 30-60 dives. If there are any medical conditions that are contraindicative to diving, you can have your doctor sign you off as an alternative.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn advanced and specialty dive techniques within the standards of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, conducted by a PADI Instructor. The course consists of five dives, two of which are mandatory, and the other three you may choose. The mandatory dives are a navigation dive and a deep dive. Some of the options for your other dives include peak performance buoyancy, underwater photography or videography, diving with nitrox (enriched air), wreck diving, fish/creature identification, computer/multilevel diving and underwater naturalist. Each dive has a section of book work to correspond.

How Can You Start Learning Now?

You have two options to start your coursework for your Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

Enroll in the Advanced Open Water elearning online at PADI.com and you can start right away. This way you can study at your own pace from home with an interactive online program. With this option, PADI will charge independently for the elearning.

PADI’s home-study materials. This is a book containing all the same information as the PADI online course. This can be obtained in our retail shop. It’s your choice- it all depends on how you learn best! Either way, call or stop by Portsmouth Scuba to sign up.

What Scuba Gear Will You Use?

You will be using all of your standard scuba gear you’ve been using as an Open Water Diver (BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins, booties, tank, etc..). Depending on what dives you choose to do, you may also use specialty gear including a dive computer, underwater compass, reel, underwater flashlight, slate, fish identification slate, underwater camera, and more.


Cost: $450.00 + 150.00 Boat dive (optional)

  1. Course Material (Item # 70014) PADI Adventures in Diving Manual and Adventure in Diving Data Carrier
  2. PADI PIC (PADI Certification Application)
  3. One Classroom session
  4. Five Open Water Dives
  5. Rental Discount (40%)  BCD, Regulator, weights, wetsuit, hood and gloves
  6. Tanks included

Cost does not include:

  1. Mask
  2. Snorkel
  3. Boots
  4. Fins
  5. Log Book


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